About us

Wuhan Xinyuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd., established on August 28, 2018, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Wuhan Liyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in chip design, research and development, sales, and technical services. The Wuhan Xinyuan Semiconductor CW brand originates from the initial letter CW of Creative Wisdom, conveying the brand concept of "creating a core comes from wisdom". Wuhan Xinyuan Semiconductor provides a series of products such as microprocessor MCU, small capacity memory chip EEPROM, and power device SJ-MOSFET for users in the electronics industry, with three major competitive advantages: product quality assurance, reliable technical performance, and stable supply capacity. In the field of MCU, we have launched universal high-performance CW32F003/030 series, safe and low-power CW32L083/031/052 series, and wireless RF CW32W031 series products, which are widely used in consumer electronics, smart homes, the Internet of Things, industrial control, medical electronics, and automotive electronics industries. In the future, we will be able to meet more market demands. Wuhan Xinyuan Semiconductor continues to carry out technological innovation, ensuring stable and reliable supply chain capabilities, and is committed to becoming a leader in the domestic chip industry!

  • Product Quality Assurance

  • Reliable technical performance

  • Stable supply capacity

  • Professional R&D team

  • Customer trust and recognition